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Hey! I'm Tricia.

The Wellness Change Coach™ for doers like you who want to bring fulfillment and breakthroughs to all areas of your life.

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Improve your health and wellness with Wellness Change Coach Tricia Daye

Ready for a fulfilling life?


We’ll work together so you can... 

 Stop lying in bed at night in a stress spiral and racing mind.

 Love who you are - aka, your true self, instead of being what others expect you to be.

 Stop the shame-game. Feel good about what you do…or don’t do. 

 Turn time into your friend so you can do those unimportant but oh-so-good things you love to do. 

 Become the envy of your overwhelmed social circle. Where people see you and say - wow, what’s your secret? 

 Say no when you want to. And more importantly, say yes to you.

Happiness and fulfillment arrive when you master 

who you are

How to get there?

First, you need to be ready for change.

just considering change! Bah, changy-schmanzy...

But being open to real CHANGE. You know - that one little act that can bring SO MUCH VIBRANCY into your life. 

When done right, change is the key to genuine satisfaction, regardless of your current responsibilities, roles, or aspirations. 

And guess what? Sh*! won’t fall apart when you start doing things differently. Life actually feels better! 

Flip the script and transform your life.

From MicroShifts 

to MicroWins

Go from simply existing and accepting that you “can’t have it all” to an intentional lifestyle with vibrancy, balance, and less stress.

What’s the secret? 

The sciences! We’ll lean into a variety of tools like change frameworks, mind-based methodologies like cognitive behavior and positive psychology, as well as present-moment and strength-based mindfulness practices.


I Want This Now!
Improve your health and wellness with Wellness Change Coach Tricia Daye

Get out of your head!


 Don’t worry. You already have everything you need to reach your goals and change your life.

Can’t see the forest through the trees?

✓ Coaching helps you highlight (and appreciate) your motivations, strengths, obstacles, innate abilities, and gifts.

Stuck in your ways?

 Working together, we create natural whole-person MicroShifts around your diet, relationships, health, career, finances, social life…Whatever hits your overwhelm-underwhelm button.

Complex life?

 Learn how to turn complexity into manageable opportunities for powerful wellness change.

I want this now!

Changed My Life

My life now, compared to before, is night and day! Tricia walked into my life, or better, I walked into hers, and everything about who I am now is so much more enjoyable than who I was before.

She didn’t have a magic elixir or force a one-size fits all coaching onto me. Instead, she accepted me for where I was and helped me see my worth. She held space for me and didn’t let me sway away from my vision, no matter how obstinate my mind was.

Tricia has a true gift! She’ll always be remembered as that one person who changed my life forever!


Sustainable Results

As a result of coaching with Tricia I experienced noticeable changes in my attitude and practices of health and wellness. The habit adjustments that I implemented during our coaching engagement produced positive results and are sustainable long-term.

I highly recommend Tricia to anyone looking to address their health & wellness goals.

Tricia has a true passion for her clients and being a support for positive changes and brings great energy and a unique perspective to coaching.

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